About Bruce Jalili

I was almost 22 when I moved to Canada with my family in 1995 and called this great country home.

Later, I moved to Montreal, Quebec and attended Concordia University and I graduated in Computer Science (BCS).

Bruce Jalili - Star Agent

In 2006, I paid a visit to Toronto. During the trip, I was impressed by the big and vibrant city and its people. I was most drawn to the diversity of culture and ideas that defined the people of the city and made it truly unique and culturally rich in Canada and North America. Therefore, I decided to move to Toronto and did so the same year.

Since my late teens, I have been very interested and passionate about real estate. I always kept in mind a remark made by a friend of the family and a good businessman which was: "real estate is a good investment for a property never betrays you".

Since I came to Canada, I continued my interest in real estate and I followed the market on a regular bases. After I moved to Toronto, I realized that using my management background and the systematic and intense sales training that I received for two years thereafter, a great opportunity awaits me in real estate.

Hence, I started my official real estate education in the Ontario Real Estate Association College and received my real estate licence in 2008.

I have been happily working as a full time REALTORŪ ever since. My first brokerage was RE/MAX; however, after three years I came to the conclusion that Right at Home Realty would be a better choice for my clients and I. Therefore, in September 2011 I joined Right At Home. And, at this time I am a Right At Home Star Agent.